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Turing’s HubblePhone Looks out of this World

By Victor Baker


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Turing HubblePhone

The future is here and it looks incredible! Turing has just unveiled the HubblePhone, a futuristic phone concept that might get launched in 2020, if we’re all interested in this smartphone. At first glance, Turing’s new HubblePhone will show off numerous innovative technologies, such as dual flexible OLED displays and an outrageous 60 MP cylindrical camera that will help you record clips and take photos like a pro.

The design of this revolutionary phone seems to be inspired by Nokia’s N93, but it takes the whole design to a completely new level. This smartphone would basically have two dual display “decks”, with the front OLED screen swiveling out to help you get the most out of the 60 MP camera that’s attached to the main display deck.

But there’s also a dual variable-aperture 12 MP camera on the main deck, plus a depth camera on the swiveling deck, which takes the camera count to four. Is that really the next best thing? 4 cameras, on a phone? I know Huawei is getting close to that with the P20 Pro, but smartphones are still miles away from professional DSLR cameras.Turing HubblePhone

Turing also plans to add a Snapdragon 855 SoC chipset to this phone, coupled with 8 GB RAM plus 256 GB storage, for each deck! It all sounds great, but this phone’s advanced AI features should be even better, with an innovative emotional machine-intelligence chip that could even get commands via lip reading, plus 5G compatibility, an interesting scroll wheel and a programmable button.

The titanium / space metal frame will try to keep those display decks intact, while you’re enjoying a unique experience on this device. The HubblePhone will be priced at exactly $2,749 and Turing will release its first version pretty soon, but the first production models could be ready for shipping only in June 2020. If you’re interested in this ridiculous phone, you might need to contact them directly.

Turing HubblePhone

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