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The SV Yachts Alpha Will Get Your Heart Racing

SV Yachts Alpha

One of the most interesting yachts showcased at the Miami Boat Show was definitely the SV Alpha. Inspired by the lines of a 1967 Corvette, this sleek vessel was imagined by designers Mauricio Velez and Nicolai Sass to be their very own hot rod boat. The 38-footer showed off a flared silver hull and a lollipop-red interior to go with the incredible speeds it is capable of reaching.

Powered by twin 700 hp Mercury Racing Engines and Mercury Race 6 drives, the Alpha will easily reach 90 mph, an impressive bit of info until you hear about this boat’s brilliant layout and luxury touches throughout. SV Yachts used exotic fibers, such as aramid and Kevlar weave, to make sure the powerful vessel is light yet strong enough to handle the effort.

SV Yachts Alpha

The cockpit packs a touchscreen helm area, large ruby-red sunpads over the engine hatch, plus a lovely champagne cooler at the bow. Obviously, there are many other things to be mentioned, and if you have the cash you may do so on your own time.

If you don’t like the raw power of twin 700s, Alpha is offering Mercury Racing 520 hp and 565 hp twin options. Since this is a speedy yacht, the supercar cues are more than welcomed, with vents for the engine and hinged louvers ready to be enjoyed.  The optional hardtop was aerodynamically designed to provide sun and wind protection.

Please note that this stylish vessel ranges from $680,000 to $800,000 – feel free to customize it as you wish.

SV Yachts Alpha


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