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The Surf-Ace Table Would Look Incredible in Your Home

Surf-Ace Table

The wonderful Surf-Ace Table before you proves that surfing is becoming more and more mainstream nowadays, entering our lives in more ways than one. The designers from Duffy London took the more literal approach to that, and came up with this exquisite collection of tables, built using the same techniques that old surfboard manufacturers put to work to deliver the world’s most amazing boards.

We doubt anyone was expecting to see a dining table shaped like a surfboard, but that’s life when someone has an interesting dream and they start working on it; you should expect to be surprised – it always ends up in that way.

Surf-Ace Table

Each Surf-Ace Table shows off a classic balsa wood design, which is reminiscent of the first surfboards ridden by the ancient Hawaiians. Obviously, the attention to details and the fine craftsmanship that went into this project is absolutely amazing, with smooth curves and treated edges that will overwhelm you.

Each table has been cut from only one piece of wood, which is both impressive and cool. Available is multiple sizes, finishes, and various types of wood, Duffy London’s sleek table will be made completely to your liking and will cost you at least $23,600. If you’re afraid of water or surfing just isn’t your game, this is the next best thing.

Surf-Ace Table


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