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The stunning Hotel Topazz in Vienna, Austria

Found in the capital of Austria, Vienna, Hotel Topazz is a stunning architectural artwork. It was penned down by the fabled Austrian architectural firm BWM Architekten und Partner. This modern day hotel boasts with a weird but extremely nice facade, and sits on a relatively small area of 1,647 square feet.

It can be compared, in terms of appearance, to a “glistening, dark-colored gemstone”, as it is described by the architects. The brown mosaic facade of the building superbly absorbs and reflects natural light in a way that makes it quite a nice sight.

In terms of design, the building stands out through a number of elliptical windows which gently jut out. The lack of sharp corners makes this building look like it floats in an elegant manner above the pavement, and also confers it uniqueness in the urban landscape of Vienna.

On the outside they are genuine windows, but on the inside the openings serve as cozy rounded spots fit for lounging and sitting, providing nice views of the city below. Quite a special place, Hotel Topazz is one of the best temporary accommodation choices to find in the idyllic capital of Austria, the gorgeous Vienna. Care to take a closer look?



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