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The 18th century Palazzo Gorgoni from Italy

By Adrian Prisca


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There are many places in Italy where you can spend your vacation. The country is renowned for its architectural uniqueness, stunning history, incredibly tasty foods, breathtaking landscapes and interesting traditions. But few of Italy’s hotels and resorts even get close to the luxury and style of Palazzo Gorgoni.

Found in Galantia, on the Salento Peninsula of Puglia, this 18th century palace was completely renovated and restyled. It was recently fitted with a chromotherapy shower, sauna and gym. Although it was recently converted to a 21st century building, its architectural originality remained completely unchanged.

In addition to a plethora of state of the art amenities, Palazzo Gorgoni boasts with contemporary decors, art and furnishing. The road to the accommodation facilities starts through a stunning courtyard and gorgeous outdoor spaces.

As we get inside, the ground floor sports a lemon tree shaded courtyard, two dining rooms, relaxation and wellness areas with fitness facilities, plus a state of the art kitchen. There is also an inner courtyard superbly fitted with a pool.

Upstairs, the first floor features an amazing terrace and 8 exquisite bedroom suites overlooking the courtyard. There’s one additional terrace on the roof, complete with a nice lounging area and shady pergola.


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