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The stunning Como Uma Ubud Resort in Bali

By Adrian Prisca


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A beautiful getaway, the Como Uma Ubud Resort, located in Bali, Indonesia, is a perfect destination for those seeking peace and quiet. This picturesque area, right above the Tjampuhan Valley, in the town of Ubud, offers a beautiful occasion to blend in the natural surroundings, foggy rice fields and deep, lush forests.

Right in front of the main building there is a private pool that emphasizes the greatness of the wilderness and tropical trees, surrounded by green lawns. Sun bathing is at its best here, though, in case one gets bored of it, there are guided tours organized around the location.

Among the 29 available rooms, there are also a few terrace rooms, with cozy four-poster beds, covered in beautiful white silky drapes. These are true symbols of the luxury the resort has to offer.

The rooms are open to booking, for prices that range between $260 and $555 per night per person. If this isn’t good enough to invite you here, than enjoying some pictures of the place will suffice. There you go!

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