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The Stealth-X carbon fiber sled from Snolo

By Adrian Prisca


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Nowadays carbon fiber has extended its uses far beyond cars and all sorts of vehicles and boats. Why not using it to design and manufacture an ultra-light sled? Well, this has already been done, recently, in New Zealand – the Snolo Stealth-X is a state of the art, high performance carbon fiber sled which enables such enthusiasts to bring their skills closer to the extreme.

This high tech piece is definitely not built as a toy, as it took a whopping 6 years to design. Its design and aerodynamic characteristics state one purpose – speed. It boasts with a slick monocoque which seems to hug the body of the user, with a seat back, a front ski with foot pegs and an arm that connects the two.

As for the rider, he lies on his back and corners by using his feet and the weight of his body. Sean Boyd of Snolo declares: “This sled is certainly no small child’s toy. It’s built for serious adult fun. It’s made sledding into a serious adult past time that wants to rub alongside the traditional winter sports of skiing and boarding.”

There would be an observation which those who know the laws of physics could make – a body goes down a hill faster if it is heavier. This is quite a contradiction to the carbon fiber body of the sled, but Mr. Boyd once again puts us up to date with his team’s intentions.

There are several reasons for which carbon fiber was used in manufacturing this piece – its light weight could prove to be a fine advantage while pulling the sled up the hill. Weighing just 9 lbs or 4 kg, this sled can be easily split into components by removing a nut. The user can then strap it to his back and head upwards for another ride.

This eliminates all the effort needed to pull regular, much heavier sleds up the hill. Furthermore, Boyd explains: “Weight was used to make old sleds go fast, but the equation for speed is less friction plus aerodynamics, everything the Stealth-X possesses.”

Surprising or not, the carefully designed and manufactured Stealth-X is able to reach top speeds in excess of 40 mph (65 km/h), which is quite a lot for a vehicle with no engine to power it. But not everyone will be able to purchase one, as it comes at a rather high price – US$2,999.

It will reportedly be available for sale on the 7th of December. For lesser pockets, Snolo are currently working on a plastic version.


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