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The St. Regis Tianjin Is An Astonishing Example Of Chinese Beauty

By Victor Baker


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St. Regis Tianjin

Northern China is now proud to call this extraordinary new building part of its exciting urban landscape. The St. Regis Tianjin hotel is absolutely incredible, to say the least, located on the picturesque Hai River and offering probably the most serene views of the entire city.

Everything and anything you could ever desire will be taken care of here, where the St. Regis staff will impress you with the finest and most complete services on Earth. You just need a couple of days off and.. that’s all you should worry about.

St. Regis Tianjin

At the stunning St. Regis Tianjin 274 spacious rooms and suites offer astonishing living spaces, with hand-selected furnishings, modern amenities and personalized service.

When it’s time to wine and dine feel free to indulge yourselves on the ultimate taste-bud teases at the hotel’s signature Chinese restaurant, Yan Ting, while the contemporary French and continental cuisine at Boulevard will get you in a French mood, at least for a second.

Last but not least, we should totally mention the dreamy Iridium Spa, a place that’s meant for other type of pleasures, which you’ll have to discover yourselves. Have you booked a ticket to Tianjin already?

St. Regis Tianjin

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