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Ferrari California T Receives the Special HS Package

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Ferrari California T

Ferrari has recently introduced the bespoke Handling Speciale package, designed to make Ferrari California T owners even happier with their convertible supercar.

Set to be revealed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the HS package will also include a slightly revised design, featuring a new front grille and a redesigned rear diffuser, finished in matte Grigio Ferro Met color. Other styling highlights worth mentioning include matte black fences and tailpipes, as well as special HS badging inside the cabin.

Ferrari California T

More importantly, the Handling Speciale offers a series of specific settings for the suspension system and a racing set-up consisting of new damper settings and modified springs. As a result, the sports car will feel stiffer and deliver a more thrilling experience, especially if you take it for a spin around the track.

The Sport mode now brings modified gear-shift logic, to match the ‘sporty’ vibe of this Ferrari. The Handling Speciale also includes a new exhaust system with silencers, featuring two primary pipes and a new geometry.

According to Ferrari, the new exhaust was developed to emphasize the overall feel and sound of the beautiful California T.

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