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The SPIRIT of 427 Furniture Collection for Car Fans

LA Design Studio has created this stylish furniture collection called Spirit of 427 which was inspired from the classic car AC Cobra 427 and it’s probably the dream furniture for any true vintage car fan. This furniture collection boasts more than style and it even features authentic vehicle parts from Bentley and Ferrari from the distant 60s for the table, chairs and sofas.

Apart having an incredible design which blends retro cars with contemporary ideas, this furniture collection is also really comfortable with actually car cushions that have been perfectly integrated in this furniture. Headlights, bumpers, fenders, cushions, parts of the car’s body are just a few of the authentic parts used at the collection.

The SPIRIT of 427 Furniture Collection takes 400-500 hours to be crafted and, even though we don’t have any pricing details right now, you can only imagine that this amazing furniture will come with a spicy price.



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