The Sony Vaio Red Edition looks sweet

We all love that glossy Ferrari-red finish and probably that’s why Sony has decided to release a special edition of their Sony Vaio laptops, sporting exactly this color. The new high performance laptops will be available in the US only in three versions: the Fit 15, the Pro 13 and the Duo 13 slider.

The laptops will be produced in a limited run, and will feature several coats of red on an aluminum or carbon fiber body. After the red coating process the laptops are finished with a durable protective UV coating that give them extra sheen and depth.

All Sony Vaio Red Edition laptops will come with Core i7 processors and 1080p touchscreens, a high quality camera and the best audio technology as well. The Fit 15 will have 12 GB of RAM, a Blue Ray drive, a 256 GB SSD and a 2GB graphics card, while the other two models will have 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSDs.

The prices for these special edition laptops start from $2,000 for the Fit 15, $2,600 for the Pro 13 and $3,000 for the Duo 13 model.