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The Solar-Powered CUBOX Looks Towards The Future

By Victor Baker


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This is the innovative CUBOX, an interesting solar-powered cube box (hence the name) that could be used as a fancy bar, an outdoor kitchen, a reception pavilion or a meeting point. There’s no denying it: CUBOX will turn a lot of heads wherever you take it, as it is portable and it’s up to the owners to decide where it fits best: in the garden, at the pool or an a private beach.

The possibilities are endless and customers may go for various configurations, materials and color options for this fancy solar-powered box. Showing off an extraordinary design with excellent workmanship, CUBOX uses only high quality components and exclusive materials to make sure it enhances the image of any location.


With a robust construction, this interesting box comes with lateral flaps covered in high performance photo-voltaic panels that also provide ample shade and shelter from the elements, while generating ample energy, that’s stored in powerful lithium batteries. That’s how CUBOX is mobile, modular and also self-sufficient.

Customers have the final word regarding which components and equipment will be part of their CUBOX, but they should know that pricing starts at around $70,000. CORIAN furniture, LED lights, and a smart online monitoring system for iOS and Android are also on offer, as well as many other bespoke details.



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