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The Antipode Private Jet Concept Will Get You Flying

By Victor Baker


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Some of you might have heard about Skreemr, an ambitious jet project developed by Canadian designer and engineer Charles Bombardier, which promised to deliver high Mach speeds. But that futuristic concept came with several design issues that needed to be addressed even before thinking about working on an actual prototype.

Now there’s a new extreme jet concept out there, called the Antipode, which surpasses the claims of the Skeemr and brags about Mach 24 speeds. I can’t even imagine traveling at that heart-stopping speed! This jet would be able to transport ten people for around 12,427 miles in under an hour, which sounds a bit Sci-Fi, to be honest.


The Antipode jet will be able to take off from any airfield, thanks to the rocket boosters that are attached to its wings. And also thanks to these rocket boosters, the plane will reach a 40,000-feet height and Mach 5 speeds. After that, the next phase would involve the supersonic combustion engines, which will take the jet to an incredible Mach 24 speed.

To put matters into perspective, this translates into a flight time from New York to London in just 11 minutes, New York to Dubai in 22 minutes and New York to Shangai in a mere 24 minutes. This is as close to a teleportation badge as it gets.


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