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The SoelCat 12 Solar Electric Vessel Will Take You On An Endless Adventure

By Victor Baker


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SoelCat 12

SoelCat 12 might be the next level in ecotourism – a gorgeous solar electric vessel which aims to offer incredible adventures to anyone who’s looking forward to sail on coast waters, lagoons and cruise between stunning exotic islands.

According to a recent study by the World Tourism Organization, ecotourism benefits from one of the highest annual growth rates in the industry, and wit that in mind, reducing transport-related greenhouse gas emissions should be our top priority, which is where renewable energy sources come into play.

SoelCat 12 has been developed to offer a 100% sustainable alternative to the conventionally powered boats, without all the noise and disadvantages of combustion engines.

SoelCat 12

Even cooler, this stunning vessel is also capable of providing its surplus solar energy, when it’s docked to its owner – if needed. Showing off generous deck space and customizable amenities, the SoelCat 12 can be purchased in various seating arrangements and layouts, each of them extremely luxurious and comfortable.

This small yacht also offers pretty generous tank storage space and wet storages for dive gear and what’s even better is that SoelCat 12’s mobile power station is capable of providing 6kVA of AC power, making it ideal for scientific and governmental coral reef research as well.

Designed for salt water application, this eco friendly vessel will also be able to handle sandy beaches thanks to its reinforced hull. And if you’re worried how much it could go, the marine grade lithium polymer battery system will get the vessel moving for 6 hours at speeds of up to 8 knots, but the sun will handle the rest, and as long as it’s sunny outside, you could go on an endless adventure.

SoelCat 12

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