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The Richard Mille Mechanical Fountain Pen Is A Mechanical Marvel

By Victor Baker


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Richard Mille Mechanical Fountain Pen

The fountain pen has always been a symbolic luxury object, holding a lot more power than you might think. For centuries it has been redesigned and reinterpreted, only to be rediscovered by Richard Mille a couple of years ago, when the Swiss brand has decided to re-imagine the writing instrument, by adding a mechanical movement as complex as any RM calibre to it.

Developed by the brand’s brilliant movement creators, this extraordinary pen took nearly 4 years to research and develop before showing up in our face as a highly technological marvel. With a strong artistic angle and ergonomic design, the Richard Mille Mechanical Fountain Pen has been equipped with a genuine, manufactured calibre, fitting of the Swiss watchmaker’s production strategy.

Richard Mille Mechanical Fountain Pen

Getting into the details, the mechanical heart of this stunning fountain pen boasts 12 jewels and powers a captivating display of mechanized kinematics, with the movement based on a skeletonised baseplate and bridges made of grade 5 titanium.

All this time, the microblasted and satin-brushed surfaces, circular-grained and rhodium-plated gears, the hand- polished angles, locking sections and sinks reveal an incredible attention to detail, protected by a sapphire glass with anti-glare treatment that allows you to see the actual calibre.

The pen’s designers came up with an ingenious method of removing the nib to insert an ink cartridge, without damaging the smooth functioning of the mechanism or pen and that’s quite an achievement as well.

The complex Richard Mille pen is machined in NTPT Carbon, while the grade 5 titanium emphasizes the lines of the pen and alloys us to see the signature of the Jura-based brand and the serial number of the pen. This stunning piece is definitely aimed at all those who want to make a statement every time they sign their name.

Richard Mille Mechanical Fountain Pen

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