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Hawk Yachts Reveal Two New Luxury Explorer Superyachts

By Victor Baker


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Hawk Yachts

Hawk Yachts is currently riding the wave of success, but that doesn’t meant they’re taking a break from impressing us all; oh, no! The London-based company has just unveiled two new exciting luxury explorer superyachts that will soon be available on the market.

Beautiful and functional at the same time, the 56m CAPE HAWK and the 75m SKY HAWK, the latter being designed by Marco Casali, are a new breed of explorer vessels looking to help future owners conquer every single ocean, in all climates and conditions.

Hawk Yachts

According to the company, explorers should be able to take you in basically any part of the world while still looking glamorous in the prestige ports of the world. That’s exactly why Hawk Yachts’ new range offers port beauty and exploring abilities, mixed in a very appealing package as you can see from these photos.

Both new explorers will be able to hold up to 12 passengers in deluxe and comfortable accommodations, offering them all the luxury amenities of a superyacht, including indoor/outdoor dining, a beach club or spa, large sun areas, and a large garage for some shiny new toys or even a science lab.

If you’re in Germany and close to Dusseldorf these days, you can find out more about these new explorers from Hawk Yachts at the Dusseldorf Boat Show.

Hawk Yachts


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