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The revolutionary e-bike nCycle comes from the future

By Adrian Prisca


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I’m an enthusiastic fan of biking, on all sorts of terrains and tracks, and here we have something that has instantly caught my eyes and mind. It is a revolutionary piece and was dubbed the nCycle by its designers, Skyrill and Marin Myftiu.

Somewhat serving as a base for all the electric bikes of the future, the nCycle will aid you in carrying your stuff in style while also providing the usual, healthy pleasures of riding a bicycle. The unique nCycle is way easier to build than conventional two-wheelers, it is sturdier, sleek, comes with increased flexibility and costs a dime to maintain. It fuses together the innovative technologies with electric power, while being extremely good-looking.

The staggering nCycle features brand new technologies like nPocket, nFold, nPower, nLock and all sorts of electronic systems, from Bluetooth speakers to adjustable headlights. The nLock feature is in fact a sturdy innovative locking system, mounted on the handle bar, which ensures no unwanted figures will ever take possession of your beloved bike.

This eliminates the need of carrying along additional heavy locking systems. Furthermore, in order to ensure the most efficient riding positions, or the most comfortable ones, the handle bar of the nCycle has been specially shaped and equipped with two sets of handles.

The nPocket system eliminates the bulky baskets or back grilles we can often see on today’s bikes, creating a special storage spot inside a retractable pocket between the bike’s two metal plates. If not in use, it can’t even be noticed, while, during usage, it simply hangs under the belly.

The nFold is a specially designed sandwich-like structure that allows for the rider to fold the bike in just 2 seconds, while keeping it sturdy and resilient. This features also eliminates the ugliness of a regularly folded bike. The unfolding process consists of three easy steps – unlocking the rail, sliding both ends, to uncover the hinge, and then the actual folding. For a slightly higher cost, the bike can assist the rider with an electronic motor mounted on the rear hub.

The headlights are also included in the standard package, as part of the handlebar, while their rear side hosts an integrated system of speakers, working via Bluetooth. In addition, the handlebar is garnished with a holographic display.

Although the nCycle is still considered a concept piece, it will reportedly enter mass production in the upcoming future, at around $4,000 each.



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