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The Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric Bag Shows Stylish Glimpses Of The Future

By Victor Baker


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Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric

Routines should always be avoided, regardless of the area of activity – especially if we’re talking about the fashion world. Wearing the same item for two seasons in a row might be a sacrilege for many fashionistas, even though some of them end up buying the same item over and over, in different versions, if they fall in love with a particular style.

But Prada has prepared a little surprise for fashionistas this spring, as the brand’s new Plex Ribbon Geometric Bag aims to make a difference in more ways than one. This wonderful shoulder bag is amazing from any angle you look at it, and.. since it comes with an optional strap, you could carry it as a clutch as well.

Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric

The geometric plexi tab closure gives the bag a very modern finish, with two leather tabs looped  to both open and close this super chic bag. On the inside, the new Plex Ribbon Geometric bag offers just the right amount of space, acting all cool, while looking the same way.

The bold color combination Prada went for is extremely seductive, and somewhat reminiscent of 1980s and the Miami Vice styling cues. Classic, yet with a modern twist, this new Prada bag is available for $2,280, a small price to pay for standing out of a crowd and remembering an incredibly creative period in fashion history.

Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric

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