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The OPMOD Battle Mug is like no other mug you’ve seen!

By Adrian Prisca


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Have you decided to go on an expedition to the land of nowhere? We may have an extraordinary solution to carry your liquid supply of you, that if you’re an army enthusiast. The OPMOD Battle Mug is the perfect thing to assort to your gun collection or army devices.

The mug features a large array of accessories that can be attached to it, mil-spec 1913 scope rails and it’s made of T6 billet aluminum. The user can attach different laser dots to it, carry handles with night sights, night vision units, a bipod to be able to stand on it or a removable AR15 carry handle.

This cool mug can be taken with you in combat or on the field, being of help in two different ways: it helps you hydrate and allows better scouting. Every mug bears its own serial number, which is unique, and will cost you $249.99. Optics Planet is ready to serve you.

[BattleMug via UberGizmo]

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