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The Newest Toy for Superyacht Owners is called Lobster 48

Lobster 48

Lobster 48 is the name of the latest project from the historic Naples-based shipyard Gagliotta, a 14.6-meter yacht tender joining the smaller Lobster 35 in the company’s interesting line-up. Even though it was barely launched, it seems this stunning tender has been already ordered by five superyacht owners, with the teak-constructed vessel before you promising high-quality finishes inside-out.

Looking extremely stylish and somewhat reminiscent of the 1980s era, this tender brags about an astonishing 1,200 ponies, which should be more than enough for cruising speed of around 27 knots and a top speed of 31 knots. Those numbers sound quite satisfying to me; what about you?

Lobster 48

The Lobster 48 will hit the US market this June, with this sleek vessel scheduled to show up at the main US trade fairs in the next couple of months. Feel free to contact the team from Gagliotta directly for more information, such as purchase costs or visit one of the yacht fairs to put this vessel through its paces before making a decision.

We’re pretty sure several customization options will be available for those of you willing to spend some serious cash. There’s also a Lobster 42 planned for the next period, so you’ll surely find the right size for your yacht’s garage.

Lobster 48


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