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The New Urwerk UR100 SpaceTime Reminds of the Brands’ Wild Creativity

By Vlad Craciun


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Urwerk are known for their magnificent and wildly creative timepieces and also for their ability to surprise us all and leave us in awe.Their new watch, the Urwerk UR100 SpaceTime does just that when it shows you that besides the passing of time, it can also track the journey of planet Earth through time and space.

This oddity of a watch comes with a dazzling dial which consists of three registers, one for the time display near the center of the dial and the other two, found on either side of the upper half of the dial for the distance traveled on Earth (between 0 and 555 km) on the left, towards the traditional 9 o’clock and distance traveled by planet Earth (from 0 to 35,750 km) on the 3 o’clock side, both of which take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The watch comes with a fun idea but practicality is lost somewhere beyond Earth. We have to admire Urwerk’s creativity and amazing use of space though.

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On the technical side of things, the SpaceTime features the Caliber 12.01, a movement known for its longevity. It comes with a shock reduction mechanism which reduces the stress on the rotor. The watch itself comes encased in a 41 mm case which feels wonderful on the wrist despite its size. The timepiece operates at 28,000 vph and has a good 48 hour of power reserve.

More a philosophical debate about time than a practical watch, the Urwerk UR100 SpaceTime is astonishing in its own way. It’s a wild creation from a company known for exactly that, wild wacky creations.

The watch will be available in the UR-100 Iron, from titanium and steel, and the UR-100 Black made from the same materials, but coated in black DLC. Each of the versions will be limited to 25 pieces, with a price tag of $48,000.

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