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The Lamborghini Urus got a Big Performance Upgrade from Novitec

lamborghini urus novitec tuning 12

The famed tuning company Novitec has recently crossed off its list another super car, this time focusing their attention on the incredible Lamborghini Urus and giving it an even more radical look and superior performance. First, they’ve managed to take car’s power output from 736 hp / 549 kW to a whopping 771 hp / 575 kW, making the super luxury SUV more powerful than the standard model by a cool 130 hp and 97 kW.

The torque also rose with 182 Nm (134 lb-ft) to a good 1,032 Nm (761 lb-ft). The results are impressive, to say the least, as the Urus makes the 62 mph (100 km/h) mark in only 3.3 seconds as compared to the 3.6 of the stock model – that’s hypercar levels, in an SUV. The top speed also gained 5 km/h more, maxing out at 310 km/h (193 mph).

lamborghini urus novitec tuning 7

Beyond the tech specs, Novitec’s version of the Urus looks way better with the newly installed carbon fiber components. They can also add a widebody conversion to this Lambo, if you want something more extreme. The bumpers have received a radical restyling and there’s also an optional aftermarket hood available. The rear side of the Urus comes with a new spoiler lip, a sporty roof spoiler and a new diffuser with custom rectangular tailpipes.

The wheels are 10.5×23 and 12×23 inch front and rear respectively and have been made by Vossen, available in 72 astonishing colors, with smooth, brushed or polished surfaces. The interior also received a few upgrades, boasting high quality materials and a great color palette – Novitec can fulfill the wildest dreams when it comes to customization. Or at least that’s what they claim.

lamborghini urus novitec tuning 10



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