The mPiano Was Touched By Porsche Design Style


We really don’t know if we can find the right words to describe the marvelous mPiano. Created by a company called Alpha Piano, founded by Mario Aiwasian, who used to work at the 188-year-old Austrian piano maker Bösendorfer, this incredible electric piano has been actually designed with some help from Porsche Design.

Alpha Piano actually collaborates with Porsche Design to create all of its instruments, allowing classical musicians to enjoy a high-quality product, that’s also easy to transport, set up and adjust, with a bespoke touch of style as well.


The mPiano is a purely digital MIDI controller that benefits from electronic actuators underneath the 88 keys, that permit fine tuning of the keyboard’s feel. By changing the keystroke resistance, players can enjoy the Steinway grand, the Casavant Opus pipe organ or even the Yamaha synth sound on this marvelous piece of technology. It’s also well worth mentioning that each pressure-sensitive key features polyphonic aftertouch.

Alpha Audio’s custom app provides the perfect controller interface for this electric piano, running on iPads only. With this interface, players can change several parameters and select one of four potential app profiles. The mPiano can even handle a rainy event, which is why Prince is apparently planning to use it at the Vienna Konzerthaus on his European tour this year. Stylish, isn’t it?