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The Montegrappa Brain Pen is all kinds of amazing

By Adrian Prisca


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If you are looking forward to buy something that would make everyone turn their heads towards you each time you flick your jacket, there’s a stunning solution to that. The specialists at Montegrappa have come up with a stunning collection of writing instruments which not only make you look cool, but also make you powerful.

They have named the collection the Brain Pen. It features roller ball pens and fountain pens developed and manufactured in close collaboration with Dr. Richard Restak, one of the world’s most renowned experts in neurology. And he played quite an important role here, as the design of the pens is inspired from the brain and wants to depict the close connection between a human’s physical self and his psychical side.

The intricate network of the brain is superbly imaged on the pens’ covers and nibs through rich embellishments and amazing attention to detail. Contrasting to these, the body of the pen has been kept intactly simple, exuding the simple nature of our physical existence. The cap has been garnished with a stylish design that resembles the brain in a rather odd manner, based on old illustrations, created by ancient physicians.

It has also been overlain with some weird shapes that reportedly represent the neurons. Furthermore, the cap is tied to a nice spinal cord, the pocket clip, which is in turn fitted with a mechanism powered by a spring. In terms of colors, the tip of the pen has been lacquered in scarlet or deep black, a variety that differentiates the fountain pens from the roller pens.

If you look closely, the nib has been superbly engraved with a seahorse-like figure, which has an equivalent in our brain – the hippocampus. And if it comes to mass production, you can simply forget about it. The Montegrappa Brain Pen collection will be manufactured in numbers that associate to the brain.

For example, there will be produced a total of 1012 silver fountain pens, exactly the number of neurons biologists think our brain comprises – between 10 raised to the 12th power and 10 raised to the 13th power. The silver roller ball pen will be in turn manufactured in 900 units, the number of neurotransmitter molecules released by one synaptic vesicle while transmitting the neural flux. The other versions will also be produced in numbers tied to the biology of the brain.

In addition, the Brain Pen will also come with a book by Dr. Restak written exclusively for Montegrappa.


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