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The Montblanc Golden Elixir Turns Your Words into Gold

By Victor Baker


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Golden Elixir

Montblanc’s new Golden Elixir is more than just a simple way to mark your thoughts on paper; it represents a luxurious statement that your words are literally worth their weight in gold. With precious ink that contains 24 carat gold and a handcrafted leather notebook to match, writing will become an enchanting experience, not to mention an exclusive one.

This amazing collection will be produced in a very limited edition, with only 100 lucky people going to have the opportunity of making the Montblanc Golden Elixir part of their lives. Inspired by the ancient art of medieval book illumination, Montblanc has developed this exquisite writing collection to remind us all about refined artistry and craftwork.

Golden Elixir

You might remember that there were some legends told of Medieval alchemists who could use a special elixir to turn any metal into gold. Well, the 21st century is somewhat limited in that regard, but the ink of the Golden Elixir – although looking dark red inside the bottle – transforms into pure gold, once it dries off on black paper.

Marked by gold leaves and gold powder, both of which have been masterfully applied on paper with an incredible attention to detail, these Montblanc creations are almost too beautiful to describe. With lush leather covers intricately embellished in fine gold, the Golden Elixir Notebook resembles the ancient medieval books

The Montblanc Golden Elixir also features a gold plated cap, inscribed with the brand’s emblem, which secures the exquisite liquid inside, probably the most expensive ink in the world.

Golden Elixir

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