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The Mazda RX-vision Was Revealed at The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

By Victor Baker


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Mazda RX-vision

Mazda went all out at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, leaving every one of us with our jaws dropped the second they revealed their new rotary engine sports car concept, which is too hot for words.

Called the Mazda RX-vision, this seducing concept is powered by a next-generation ‘skyactiv-r’ rotary engine, the unconventional technology which has become a symbol of the carmaker’s challenger spirit. The concept was imagined as a proportioned front engine, rear wheel drive model, and is the way the car manufacturer sees its future.

Mazda RX-vision

Rotary engines are unique in that they generate power through the rotational motion of triangular rotors, which prove to be more durable over time and develop more power out of fewer cc. Mazda is currently not mass producing any rotary models and fans have always hoped to see a new supercar with this kind of engine.

Mazda has never ceased its research and development on rotary engines, which is why the carmaker is now expressing its determination to continue delivering its customers unconventional technology and unique experiences. It does look superb, this concept, doesn’t it?

Mazda RX-vision

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