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The Marvelous Midnight Pass House in Sarasota, Florida

By Adrian Prisca


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Designed by the principal of DSDG Inc. Architects in Sarasota, Mark E. Sultana, the Midnight Pass House is situated in Sarasota, on the southwestern coast of Florida, in the United States. This contemporary home was built by Voigt Brothers Construction to accommodate a family of five, over gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces.

The construction is placed on a “one-acre wooded waterfront property on Siesta Key” that shares views over the city and sea to the south and east. The mansion is built around a central round, double-height living room, with direct connection through an open loft with the second level.

Furthermore, the house is built on two axes that start from this round and end at the entry, becoming the center of the large steel and glass staircase that outward creates the edge of the exterior hardscaping and behind the edge of the huge outdoor living space and edge of the pool deck. The incredibly big glass doors on the rear bring the watery image and the outside world inside the house, for more lightness.

From the entrance, the motor court is flanked by palm tree gardens and bamboo, leading to the guts of the residence where the central staircase flows towards the 2,500 square foot roof top terrace. The roof top is a great spot that shares views of the bay and city and also serves as a private get-away, decked with a hot tub and sail shades.

The radial shaped pool outside helps the family enjoy the tropical weather, sending reflections of water and fire towards the whole estate, for an incredible nocturnal light show. Making abstraction from the state-of-the-art amenities, decorations and entertainment systems, the residence still relies on minimalism, in a very modern way.


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