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The Luxurious Madam Zabre Spa Retreat in Seychelles

By Adrian Prisca


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If you want to rent the most expensive villa on the entire surface of the Seychelles Archipelago, make sure your bank account is large enough. Opened during June 2012, Madam Zabre Spa Retreat at Desroches Island will cost you €12,000 per night.

Although the price is exorbitant, the fuss about it is pretty much founded. The stunning luxury this holiday home provides is genuinely peerless. Named after the legendary Madame Zabre beach on the respective island, it covers an area of 637 square meters.

Designed as a pure 21st century getaway, Madam Zabre Spa Retreat blends into the natural environment. It provides the most of tranquility, serenity and everything you can otherwise think of. Relaxation is a term that goes quite well with luxury, and this resort covers the idea perfectly.

Focused on lounge and rejuvenation, the villa was built in such a way that it can be configured to have its own spa suite, where an extensive range of treatments, from traditional to elemental herbology, can be lavishly enjoyed. The location also provides indoor and outdoor bathrooms, bedrooms with private pools, a marvelous entertainment area, a state of the art gourmet kitchen, large sun deck and breathtaking views of the magnificent Indian Ocean which engulfs the place.

The staff, happy to welcome guests, include a chef, fully trained masseuse and a butler – all can be called at any hour of the day to give the best of pleasure to guests, including wellness treatments, new culinary experiences and beauty sessions. Needless to say, the Island of Desroches is a preferred location by celebrities, magnates, world leaders and industrial moguls.


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