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The lovely Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay in Egypt

By Adrian Prisca


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Located on the coast of the Red Sea’s Soma Bay, in Egypt,the  Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay is a wonderful gated resort which boasts with pristine beaches and stunning relaxation spots. The peninsula that houses the resort is surrounded by the Red Sea, while the airport is located just 45 minutes away.

The resort is simply ideal for those who have deep passions for sunbathing, water sports and lounging. Just a few clumps of vegetation can be seen in the area, while the scorching Egyptian sun subordinates everyone who dares come out from their rooms. The resort itself features a name that should scare botanists worldwide – a powerful hallucinogenic plant originating from India.

Interestingly enough, the smallest restaurant of this gorgeous hotel features one single table, superbly set in the Red Sea and available exclusively on request. In addition, the hotel provides its guests with options to do parasailing and kite surfing, scuba diving among the superb coral reefs or snorkeling.

There’s also a local award-winning championship golf course to satisfy the hunger of such enthusiasts, penned down by Gary Player, and an opulent marina where exquisite yachts can be chartered. The nightly price tags are stupendously low, starting at a meager €71. What a wonderful occasion to check out the beauty of Egypt and the Red Sea!


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