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The Lineage 1000 Is Embraer’s Way Of Making Us Daydream

By Victor Baker


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Lineage 1000

Travel is all about the experience and we all have to admit that flying has become a major part of our lives nowadays. Whether it’s going to work, visiting the family during the weekends or simply for leisure , we all love nothing more than a comfortable and quiet flight.

But who could appreciate the stale air, cramped seats and tiny windows? There’s nothing comfortable about that, which is why Embraer developed their new Lineage 1000 business jet, in an effort to offer people new ways of enjoying flying and travel.

The new luxurious private jet will feature large windows throughout the cabin, making looking out towards the ground a much more enjoyable experience.

Lineage 1000

Furthermore, Embraer decided that these larger windows should go in places that would normally have been used for doors – which makes everyone happy, passengers and engineers alike.

Benefiting from modern anti-fogging protection and an electro-chromic glass, these windows seem like they’re out of this world, allowing you to adjust even their tint or shading. Embraer didn’t stop there though, and the Brazilian aicraft maker has also fitted its new jet with many other interesting features, including a two person shower – no need to ask why.

It’s a long way until passengers may enjoy the final product, but Embraer is sure that a wealthy investor will allow them to put things in motion a little bit faster. Let’s just hope commercial planes’ manufacturers are taking notes.

Lineage 1000


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