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The Koenigsegg Agera RSR Is The Cherry on Top

Koenigsegg Agera RSR

The Koenigsegg Agera RSR might a supercar (and name) we will all remember for years to come. That’s because Koenigsegg’s Agera is on its way out of production, and this very special iteration is the last bang before this stunning supercar exits the scene.

The small, independent Swedish car maker has always made a great impression on petrol-heads, and its mark on automotive history will never be ignored – with the RSR proving once again that the Agera family wasn’t as boring as it was initially thought.

A three car series commissioned by Koenigsegg Japan includes vehicles with a removable hardtop and subtle touches that only Koenigsegg aficionados will notice. For example, from these photos you can see the One:1 styled roof scoop, a custom-designed venture at the rear, with adjustable winglets, and the top-mounted rear wing.

Koenigsegg Agera RSR

The three Koenigsegg Agera RSRs will come finished in turquoise blue, black and white, while the interior cabin will be completely tailor-made according to customer specifications. The same 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 from the standard car is what powers this Agera, with a jaw dropping 1,160 hp and 1289 Nm (950 lb-ft) of torque on tap.

That should be enough to keep those very lucky owners excited and smiling all day long, don’t you think? Looking at the gallery below, we quickly realize that this is not a bad way to finish off a model series. I guess it’s pointless to mention by now that all three RSR cars have been spoken for. Sorry!

Koenigsegg Agera RSR


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