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The KEF E305 Speaker System

By Brian Pho


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The will to spend large amounts of cash on top notch musical instruments and audio systems has determined some brands of the field to go even further into researching new and better ways of enjoying some quality music. The guys at KEF have come up with a staggering 5.1 surround sound speaker system dubbed the KEF E305.

The sleek-looking speaker system encompasses the brand’s in-house Uni-Q driver technology, a numerously-awarded innovation in terms of audiophonics. The set looks absolutely fantastic, adding both elegance and style to the home they bless. Consisting of 5 speakers in addition to a sub-woofer, the speaker system weighs quite a lot. Each of the speakers weighs 5 lbs and they can be purchased in either black or white finishes. The base platform is crafted from a satin-chrome combo, this allows for easy docking with media consoles and even bookshelves.

As for the KEF specialty, the Uni-Q driver adjoins a 4.25-inch full-range, mid-range or low frequency driver, alongside a .75-inch vented aluminium dome tweeter which delivers crystal clear sound quality. The mid-range cone helps prevent distortion through the induction of a high pressure build up behind the dome of the cone. These changes result in a sound reproduction at great quality, even comparable with the recording, especially with mid-range human voice. There’s also a large , powerful motor system to assist the cone. This powerful motor system allows for the low-frequency reproduction to remain rock steady and pin-pointedly clear, even at high volumes. Furthermore, the range of machinery you can connect to this staggering 6-pieces set is quite large.


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