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MontBlanc presents Patron of Art Edition 2013

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MontBlanc’s Patron of Art Edition had started back in 1992 and has ever since been quite a significant means of honoring and celebrating the lives and works of renowned figures. It coincides with the annual MontBlanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Awards, which is quite an anxiously awaited event for enthusiasts and alike. The edition of 2013 was reportedly dedicated to Ludovico Sforza, patron of Leonardo da Vinci and several other artists, Duke of Milan, “The Last Supper”. The character had reigned over the end and at the same time most productive period of the Renaissance in Milan.

This is the 22nd year the MontBlanc Patron of Art Edition entices us with gorgeous, hand-manufactured writing instruments. Yearly series were unveiled during springs, each year, tradition that MontBlanc is going to respect for 2013. Only 4,810 pieces will be manufactured, while the Limited Edition series will only be available in 888 pieces. The first edition expresses the beauty of late Renaissance. The writing instruments of this series almost perfectly replicate the Leonardo Da Vinci pattern see in his fresco in “Sala delle Asse” (The Chamber of Boards), motifs especially noticeable on the fittings. The patterns are also obvious on the ornaments and robes of Mona Lisa.

The second, much more precious edition, comprises writing instruments with blue lacquered caps and barrels. They are adorned with Da Vinci’s pattern on a dark translucent blue background. The solid gold fittings of this gorgeous fountain pen contrast superbly with the gorgeous blue lacquer, at the same time reflecting the tone present on the ceiling fresco. The fountain pens also encompass cones adorned with the coat of arms of Ludovico Sforza and a stunning emblem done in fine mother-of-pearl.

Availability wise, the 2013 Patron of Art Limited Edition is going to be displayed in MontBlanc Boutiques worldwide starting with April 2013. The Patron of Art 2013 Limited Edition 888 costs $9,680, while the Limited Edition 4810 can be purchased at $2,670.


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