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The Igloo Apple is an amazing outdoor Wicker Daybed

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Sky Line, a company specialized in luxury outdoor furniture has designed a dreamy luxury wicker daybed which was dubbed as the Igloo Apple. Just by looking at these photos with this beautiful daybed you can see that it’s seriously comfortable and probably perfect for lounging or relaxing thanks to its plump scatter cushions.

The Igloo Apple was named like this because its shape basically resembles an igloo or an apple. Sky Line has covered the upholstery with a water resistant Sumbrella fabric to keep it in it’s best shape even if you’ve just came out of the pool and want to jump in this majestic bed.

The top of the Igloo Apple is also removable which means you could either let the sun warm you up with its rays or hide from it in hot days when the top is on. This daybed is forged with an aluminum frame and woven by craftsmen in synthetic wicker and cane. It’s also washable, maintenance free and will not fade thanks to the UV color fast finish.

[Sky Line via Extravaganzi]

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  1. I’m actually trying to find this daybed in America I can’t afford the shipping cost from China can you please tell me why there is not a price list I’m trying to sign anything to do with fruit shaped Rattan wicker daybeds are igloos round Dome West cushions and pillows

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