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Arden refines the new Range Rover Evoque

By Adrian Prisca


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Arden has revealed the first aftermarket program for the new coupe from Range Rover, the Range Rover Evoque, which includes discreet styling upgrades and a small power upgrade. The upgrade package is called the AR8 City-Roader and it features a new aerodynamics kit with new front and rear aprons and illuminated side skirts.

The Arden Range Rover Evoque also received a new set of stylish Dakar II wheels and a stainless steel plaque which can be engraved with anything the future customer will want. The car’s interior comes with a state of the art multimedia and sound system offered through the company’s E-Solutions program.

Next, in terms of power, the 2.0L engine received a power kit which increases its output by around 30 HP to a total of 270 HP. This extra power comes from a new sport exhaust system that works in conjunction with a high performance catalyst. The British tuners haven’t announced the price for this aftermarket package yet.


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