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The Hublot $5 Million Watch was presented at BaselWorld

By Adrian Prisca


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The renowned Swiss watchmaker Hublot impressed everyone at BaselWorld 2012 these days by unveiling their new Hublot $5 Million Watch, an exquisite timepiece that sports 1,282 diamonds, six of them weighing more than 3 carats each.

This one of a kind watch differs in technique from all Haute Joaillerie pieces, with their construction based on serving and highlighting already selected precious stones. It respects an exactly opposite idea, with each stone being carved to match the slot it is to be placed within, being it inside the case, bracelet or dial. This needed a lot of experience and heed from the cutters.

One of the most important feats to be realized regarding the Big Bang was to keep its graphic codes, in order to carefully integrate every one of the six 3-carat diamonds. Following the design being penned down, the makers had to found the respective 3-carat stones and mount them.

The process of finding the stones has taken more than a year, coming from diverse locations worldwide. This applies to every stone fitted on the timepiece. Furthermore, every stone was verified, checked and double checked in terms of color, size, shape and quality, to match the scheme of the watch.

A 40-year-experienced cutter from New York tended to the diamonds, making sure all the 3-carat ones are GIA-certified and bear the same cut signature. The process has taken more than 14 months of assiduous work, 7 months for 12 cutters and the other 7 months for the 5 setters. The diamonds mounted on the gorgeous piece total a staggering 100 carats, a superb plethora of baguette-cut preciousness.

The process of crafting such a piece needed Hublot’s cooperation with Atelier Bunter in Geneva. Every diamond on this work of art has been graded A for color by Top Wesselton and A for quality by VVS. It may as well be considered a small gallery of stones, wearable on your wrist.


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