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The Holmes Pipe Is Exactly What a Modern Sherlock Would Use

By Victor Baker


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Holmes Pipe

The beautiful Holmes Pipe before you is a new unique design proposal, meant to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Peterson of Dublin. For those of you still in the dark right now , we’re talking about a famous Irish cigar pipe company known for its high-quality craftsmanship and for their exquisite products, which have been impressing the world for more than 150 years.

Popular especially thanks to their Sherlock Holmes series, the Irish company focused on something that today’s Sherlock Holmes would probably use, with this cool design honoring the original 1987 model from this series. We wonder if strong deductive skills are part of the side effects of using this pipe; feel free to ask Watson.

Holmes Pipe

The Holmes Pipe shows off an overall minimalist design, blending analog cues with retro lines and modern curves, while electric vaporizers handle their business. The cigar bowl features symbolic deerstalker lines, while an LED indicator reacts to the inhalation of the pipe, creating a cool swirl of light.

This might bring back some memories for classic pipe users, and we’re sure everyone will appreciate its fine design from the very first glimpse. The Holmes  Pipe also comes with +/- buttons, which trigger the voltage of vaporizer, controlling the level of flavor the user will savor. It seems like a rare treat, to experience an analog delight in a digital world, don’t you think?

Holmes Pipe

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