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A Truly Magical Trunk: La Malle Plénitude by Dom Pérignon

By Victor Baker


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La Malle Plénitude

La Malle Plénitude by Dom Pérignon is a once in a lifetime opportunity to savor the most incredible collection of champagne bottles in the world – if you have the heart to open them, that is. These are pretty exciting times, as Dom Pérignon has never before released such a complete assortment of vintages.

Five never-before-seen ‘Malle Plénitude’ trunks are packed with 23 meticulously chosen bottles of Dom Pérignon Vintage, allowing just a few lucky people to experience 37 years of Dom Pérignon‘s incredible history – the exquisite champagne bottles were filled between 1969 and 2006 and personally selected by Richard Geoffroy for this stunning collection.

La Malle Plénitude

The ‘Malle Plénitude’ trunks are set to be auctioned by Auctionata, on December 10th, 2016, with the five lucky winners having the privilege to experience ten bottles of Dom Pérignon Vintage, ten bottles of Dom Pérignon P2 and three bottles of Dom Pérignon P3, stored under perfect conditions, guaranteeing the highest quality of the vintage champagne.

It’s well worth mentioning that all ‘Plénitude’ trunks will be fully made-to-order, with the future buyers being able to choose from a variety of fine leathers, interior linings and engravings. The starting price for each trunk is €36,000, but we all know it’s going to go way beyond that. Moreover, each trunk owner will also receive a personal invitation to visit the winery’s historic abbey and cellar in Hautvillers, France.

La Malle Plénitude

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