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The Harley-Davidson Hurakàn is Both Fast And Furious

By Victor Baker


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Harley-Davidson Hurakàn

Based in Ancona, Italy, FMW Motorcycles is a custom bike shop that’s pretty well known for its unique builds.That’s why we’re very happy to present you their latest project: an eye catching bike that might just be one of the most incredible motorcycles we’ve ever seen.

Called the Hurakàn, this outrageous café racer was once a Harley Davidson Shovel 1968, that was radically modified to be transformed into this beauty. Its name was actually inspired by the Mayan deity of ‘wind, fire, and storms’ and the bike’s design was also influenced by this theme, looking like it’s ready to face anything nature throws at it.

The Harley-Davidson Hurakàn was meant to be a unique bike, that would be completely hand-made and very powerful, to offer you unforgettable memories along the coast.

Harley-Davidson Hurakàn

I’m pretty sure all love Harley-Davidson bikes, but we also have to admit these are not the most performance-oriented machines. That’s why the Hurakàn was equipped with a new S&S V-twin engine with a raft go-faster fittings, a massive engine that goes surprisingly well with the retro-styling of this pure bred Italian racer.

Built for exclusivity and fun, this bike also packs an intricate exhaust system, with two 45 mm manifolds and a 60 mm bespoke silencer, plus a Motogadget ‘Motoscope Pro’, which allows the biker to track their performance. High expectations are welcomed, and this bike will surely not disappoint.

Unfortunately we don’t know anything about power, torque or even top speed, so if you find anything from FMW Motorcycles, feel free to share more information with us.

Harley-Davidson Hurakàn



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