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The Great Industrialist chrome keyboard by

There are lots of computer-users and addicts that got bored of their common old keyboard and tend to buy a new, more high-tech one, with or without cords. presents a different approach to this matter, by launching The Great Industrialist Chrome Keyboard. It’s more of a piece of luxury than something to get tapped and hit every day.

The main purpose of the keyboard is the luxury site of CEO Collective. It will be produced in only 100 units, each one priced at around $1,900. Unfortunately, it’s not meant for the average user, being destined to be used especially by CEOs, Company Presidents, brand owners and all executives alike.

It comprises a stunning look, combining a matte base surface with shiny surfaces and keys, while the keys alone are round and look like small works of art, sculptures in miniature. It’s the perfect gift for your boss, if you get your colleagues to take the hat round. That depends on the attitude of the executive target, of course.


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