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Bruce Willis Sells His Idaho Home for $15 Million

By Adrian Prisca


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The film enthusiasts have always been buying and purchasing different gadgets or objects that used to belong to actors. Those with more generous pockets have even rushed to buy properties that belonged to stars. There’s a new occasion on the horizon: the estate market has recently been joined by Bruce Willis’ Idaho Home, on 157 Aspen Lakes in Hailey.

The property measures around 20 acres, it comprises six bedrooms, pool, gym, guesthouse and water slides. At a price of $15 million, this surely is a hard blow to the pockets. It’s stated in The Idaho Mountain Express that the reputable actor sells the home because he can’t be spending too much time in the respective area.

Some amenities of the estate are: granite-shower and built-in closet, two heated decks, master bath with a relaxing Jacuzzi, a gas fireplace and a whole new place to call home. The house also comprises a gourmet-kitchen, while the breakfast lounge beautifully overviews the lake.

These aren’t all, though: we should mention the improved security system, gated entry, heated balconies, live theater and music, skiing, biking. There have been announced also two more buildings to be sold. There are the nightclub on Hailey Main Street and the Mint Bar.


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