Vangarde Temp Thgeorie Concept Watch

After you’ve been designing art for years and years, you probably tend to do something more than that. The French artist Vangarde has moved a step forward into the world of arts, and started designing and creating wristwatches. His first creation is the Tempo Theorie, a timepiece that highlights and comprises an amalgam of forms, mobility, power and elegance.

The watch looks really techie and complicated, but this will be the purpose and principle of Vangarde’s future time-related creations. The watch’s movement mechanism is called the Caliber V1 and it’s encrusted with 29 jewels. The base skeleton of the watch is almost fully visible, while the complicated mechanisms are being shown beautifully, offering a sense of complexity, exquisite craftsmanship and the way it works, for the curious ones.

The mechanism is based on the Valjoux 7750 draft model, but an evolved version of it, comprising 29 gems, a Nivaflex NM mainspring, Glucydur Balance and Anachron spiral. With a power reserve that can reach 48 hours, the watch is suitable for both businessmen and sportsmen.

Every piece of the watch is designed and crafted in such a way that it catches the eye. The case is made of galvanized steel, with elegant, spiked crafted crowns on the sides. On the dial, one can observe something truly unique: black ruthenium-treated lining. On it, there are the minute numerals, from 5 to 5 minute intervals, in white.

The skeleton of the timepiece is mounted inside the ring, comprising a mix of functions and mechanisms to display multiple dials, with dates, hours and the power reserve level. The time is truly special to read, because the three aluminum hands are beautifully crafted and seem to blend into the design of the watch.

The gadget, due to the facts that it’s both hard to craft and valuable, will only be made in 88 units, each of them being carefully numbered on the back-case, which is also covered in crystals. This watch is a unique opportunity to enlarge your Vangarde collection with an elegant, state of the art piece.