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The Goldvish Eclipse Smartphone Will Shadow All Others

Golvish Eclipse

Combining high-end technology and Swiss craftsmanship, Goldvish Geneve is a company specialized in creating premium luxury phones and bespoke accessories. They’ve recently unveiled a gorgeous handmade smartphone, dubbed as the Goldvish Eclipse, that will make you forget everything about iPhones and any other popular smartphones right now.

Imagined by the brilliant design team from Goldvish, this spectacular phone shows off an exquisite framework made of precious metals and an elegant body covered in carefully selected exotic leathers, but don’t think the Goldvish Eclipse is all about looks.

This luxurious phone comes with a scratch-resistant 5.5-inch touchscreen, a powerful Qualcomm QuadCore Snapdragon processor, 3GB of RAM, a standard memory of 64GB and an impressive battery lifetime of over 250 hours.

Golvish Eclipse

The Eclipse will be available in a limited number of styles, but wealthy customers could also ask Goldvish for a luxury makeover that would match their taste. For instance, you could get this smartphone with a stunning 18-karat gold frame, with pave diamond surfaces and personal engravings. A personal Goldvish assistant will handle each customization project, keeping customers involved in the entire design process.

Custom made in the company’s workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds, this luxury phone guarantees a premium level of quality and state-of-the-art encryption services, for secure calls between two Goldvish phones. The price for one of these limited edition Goldvish Eclipse phones will start from €6,800 or $7,770.

Golvish Eclipse



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