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The Garden of Kalahari Is The Most Precious Treat from Chopard

Garden of Kalahari

An ultra-rare 342-carat diamond called the Queen of Kalahari was recently transformed into the most precious jewelry set ever produced by the house of Chopard. The exceptional stone showed off perfect color and absolute purity, which is why it gave life to a set of 23 equally stunning diamonds, five of them being above 20 karats.

The Queen of Kalahari, that combines D color with grade F clarity, was discovered two years ago at the heart of the deposit mined in Karowe, Botswana, and now the brilliant designers from Chopard have transformed it into the Garden of Kalahari, the most opulent and outrageous man-made jewelry collection of all times.

Garden of Kalahari

The biggest gems from the Garden of Kalahari are included into an extraordinary collection of six jewelry models, which represents almost a full year’s work by hands of the Chopard jewelry artisans and gem-setters. Co-president Caroline Scheufele personally supervised each stage in the development, for the obvious reasons, and the final result was simply breathtaking, as you can see from these photos.

This extraordinary jewelry collection comprises a dazzling necklace, which features an entirely invisible mechanism that allows the wearer to adorn it with an exquisite flower, as well as a wonderful cuff bracelet adorned with two emerald-cut diamonds, two stunning rings, one of them bearing the 20-carat cushion-cut diamond and an astonishing secret watch.

Garden of Kalahari


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