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The Fresh iPhone SE Receives A 24k Gold Treatment From Goldgenie

By Victor Baker


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iPhone SE

Apple fans consider this new gadget to be one of the least significant releases by the company in recent years. But the iPhone SE targets a specific audience, and Tim Cook and the entire team at Apple seem to be really pleased about this new smartphone.

Although it brags about superior technical specifications, the iPhone SE doesn’t seem to be on everyone’s shopping list nowadays, but that’s about to change. Goldgenie knows that Apple users place a great deal of importance on the appearance of their devices, which is why the company has decided to add their special touch to the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE

Goldgenie’s special rendition of the iPhone SE benefits from the usual customization options and precious materials, including 24-karat gold, rose gold and platinum versions. The gilded versions will be available in an exclusive Cherry Oak-finished box, but other guises are still in the works.

The Elite version of the SE, for instance, offers a metallic back, while the Superstar shows off a gold waffle-like pattern at the back. Ladies will probably get excited over the Swarovski crystal version, making love hurt more than ever.

Please note that all versions are available unlocked and without a SIM, with prices reaching $77,000 – for the high-end versions.

iPhone SE

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