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The Flash Falcon Concept Plane Deserves Its Name

By Victor Baker


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Flash Falcon

A wonderful vision of the future, the Flash Falcon concept plane was designed to run on carbon-free energy that would power-up a supersonic engine, based on a portable fusion reactor, and six electric-combustion engines as well.

According to Viñals, the company behind this amazing project, the supersonic engine would be constructed from durable and lightweight materials, housed within an ‘indestructible’ compartment, and with vertical take-off and landing as part of its long list of impressive features, this thing sounds pretty much dreamy.

Flash Falcon is a double-decker plane, which reminds us of a NASA spaceship, especially when you consider the nuclear fusion energy used to propel it through the clouds.

Flash Falcon

250 passengers would enjoy nothing but the best in-flight services, while traveling from London to New York in less than three hours – at speeds of up to Mach 3. Who could say ‘no‘ to flights in comfort and luxury at three times the speed of sound?

The plane’s unique shape includes a needle-shaped nose, meant to eliminate the noise created by a sonic boom and to improve its aerodynamics as well, while the Flash Falcon’s wings would be able to change angles to improve air flow mid-flight.

The cockpit will be equipped with smart and holographic windows – just like in a flight simulator – making this concept plane even more amazing. It’s been 13 years since the Concorde was retired from service, and it seems like the Flash Falcon wants to pick everything up from where the Concorde has left off.

Flash Falcon


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