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Twelve at Hengshan Is a True Gem in Shanghai

By Victor Baker


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Twelve at Hengshan

Shanghai’s magic and mystery has probably fascinated every single one of us at one point in our lives, and if you’ve ever planned to visit this incredible city, this is just the perfect place to stay. Located on Hengshan Road, Twelve at Hengshan is a luxurious oasis in the heart of this modern metropolis, a place where you could surround yourself in elegance, forget about all your worries and discover Shanghai’s amazing lifestyle and culture.

A Luxury Collection Hotel,  Twelve at Hengshan seems to blur any lines and ignore all boundaries, blending modern luxuries with traditional design elements and world class service, to make sure your entire experience here will be unforgettable. Who could say ‘no’ to such a thing?

Twelve at Hengshan

This incredible hotel is more than a home far away from home; it’s a destination in itself. Offering nothing but the best amenities, unique activities, timeless elegance and relaxing accommodations, this place looks like it’s coming out of the most vivid and imaginative dream possible.

There are 171 guest rooms to choose from at Twelve at Hengshan, ranging from fantastic rooms to an impressive Presidential suite, and anything in-between. Surrounded by many restaurants, cafés, boutiques, art galleries, and restored art-deco buildings, this is not the place where you could ever complain about boredom.

Twelve at Hengshan

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