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The Exquire luxury yacht is beyond amazing

By Adrian Prisca


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The 104 meter Exquire luxury yacht concept might be perfect for the super rich who seek privacy, security and comfort on water. The basic idea for this stunning yacht has been derived from the principle of a protective shell and its protective core. The exterior of the yacht is supposed to have a secret, dangerous and superior look while its interior is designed to look really stylish, warm and comfortable.

During the design process, the boat’s designers studied lots of analogies in nature such as fast and dangerous animals with a self protective system like sharks, snakes and armadillos. This super yacht features a gas turbine that powers a booster water jet and two diesel engines that power two propellers taking it to a top speed of 32 knots and a cruising speed of 22 knots.

It’s cruising range allows it to go across the Atlantic and 8 to 10 guests in 4-5 spacious cabins with 28 crew members could enjoy any trip with this lovely ship. The Exquire yacht uses an exchangeable module on the aft deck to have the most possible flexibility in the use of space.

The designers made a few possible module versions: business, wellness, lounge, toys room for children and a safe room module. The owner’s deck has the owner’s sleeping area and an exterior deck with a helipad. The observatory and the huge spyglass windows provide stunning views of the sea with maximum privacy for the yacht’s passengers.


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