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The Döttling Gyrowinder gives a 360° turn to your watch

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Döttling’s Gyrowinder is one of the most eye catching and exquisitely built watch winders we’ve ever seen so far. This staggering watch winder can turn your timepieces in virtually any direction thanks to his 360 degrees turning capabilities.

The manufacturers of this exquisite piece go even further by stating that placing your watch inside this winder “comes closest to wearing the watch on the wrist”. This is in fact a major difference between regular watch winders, which use a fixed axis to turn the watches, the Döttling’s Gyrowinder with no regard to the timepieces’ actual dimensions.

Apart from these, it’s a looker! Extremely beautiful, elegant in essence, it was made using “nautical navigation instruments with their gimbal mounts and their absolutely exquisite materials”. Furthermore, the base of this stunning watch winder is said to be inspired by the training equipment of astronauts at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

It boasts with a great appearance, top notch technology, classiness and can pair up with any luxury lover. Apart from the price, a whopping €11,800, or around $15,000 at current rates, each Döttling Gyrowinder will take 4 months to manufacture and ship.

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