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The DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP900 Molto Veloce

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The car tuners from DMC have just released a new upgrade package for the Lamborghini Aventador, dubbed LP900 Molto Veloce, that makes this car even more ferocious than it normally is.  The price of the whole package is simply staggering: 125,000 euros, or around $165,000.

There is also the possibility to split the kit into smaller sets, for further accessibility. But when talking about cars like the Aventador, accessibility is the least one can think of. The Marketing Manager at DMC Germany, Thorsten Grebers, states that: “The Molto Veloce aims at Aventador owners that seek to add a little more exclusivity to their LP700. The LP900 engine upgrade clearly targets speed enthusiasts.”

The body kit bears a price tag of 19,500 euros, including lower lip spoiler and splitter, front fascia, side skirts, rear fascia with diffuser and rear wing spoiler, all of them being made of carbon fiber. The cheapest kit is the ADV1 wheel package, starting at 7,800 euros, followed by the new interior set, priced at 17,700 euros.

The core of the upgrade package is what’s under the bonnet. This kit costs roughly 80,000 euros and consists of the stock 6.5-liter V12 but with complete valvetrain rebuild, with 12 unique single intake throttle plates, new fuel lines, redesigned fuel pump, plus pressure modulators and completely new injector nozzles.

Furthermore, an electronic load pressure control system, brand new wiring system and efficiently optimized engine electronics have been added, serving as the cause of the vehicle’s rebranding – LP900. These upgrades significantly boosted the engine, now delivering 900 HP (662kW), 210 more than the stock’s 690 HP (515 kW).

Helpful information for those owning Aventadors – global DMC dealers can take care of installing body components, but for the engine modifications, the care has to be sent to the company’s workshop, in Switzerland or Germany. All the aforementioned are available at the moment.


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  1. My Love’s Labour Lamborghini!!!! Love it more even without the roof and windshield now…roll bars behind the driver being the USP 🙂

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